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HVAC & Critical Environment Specialists


CSG Scientific, Inc. - Manufacturer’s Representatives specializes in the sale of of critical environments, air moving, dx cooling, filtration, containment and control equipment and systems.

The products we represent support specialized but diverse Industrial and Commercial Environments including:
  • High Containment (BSL3, BSL3A, BSL4) Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical and Clean Manufacturing
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Research and Educational Facilities
  • General Production Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
Wherever pressure, temperature, filtration, air movement, sound and vibration control 
are critical, CSG Scientific has the products to fit the application. Our current offering of
products, control systems and services promote and support life safety, product integrity,
air quality, as well as human and animal comfort.

The sale and implementation of critical environment monitoring and control systems
have been the backbone of the CSG Scientific business model since our inception.
Over the years, we have added the sales of laboratory casework and fume hoods, custom air handling units, filtration systems, sound control equipment, exhaust and scrubbing systems, general ventilation equipment, clean room systems and  temporary clean room enclosures. Many of these products and were added as  a result of our customers’ requests for a knowledgeable, reliable source for products and  services they felt were not available through their existing suppliers. The end result of  these additions is a very diverse line of Mechanical and Architectural products allowing  us to provide a complete environmental solution for our customers.

CSG Scientific, Inc has provided materials and design assistance for more than 15 years on projects encompassing greater than 1,000,000 square feet of Critical Environment space and countless square feet of Commercial/Industrial space. This experience, along with our relationships with some of the highest regarded manufacturers in their industries enables us to provide a balance of performance versus costs resulting in the maximization of the customers construction expenditures.

Please visit our Products page for a list of the manufacturers and products we represent
and the Project page for a listing some of our more notable projects.

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