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Welcome to CSG Scientific, Inc. -

CSG Scientific supplies equipment and control systems to Commercial, Industrial and Critical Environment facilities.  Located in Omaha, NE, CSG Scientific provides selection support to architects, engineers and contractors throughout the states of Nebraska and Iowa.

CSG Scientific offers a wide array of products to meet your project needs.  From simple replacement parts, to HVAC & HVAC Control Equipment, even to Laboratory Controls & Furnishings, CSG Scientific has the right products for your facility. 

Our mission: Provide world class equipment & products through exemplary 
customer service and expert application knowledge to deliver high-quality products 
at the
lowest total cost of ownership.

This principal,
lowest total cost of ownership, is the hallmark of our partnership with our clients. 
We look past the sometimes misleading initial equipment costs and instead focus on the many variables of the 
true cost of your purchase.   

When determining this lowest total cost of ownership, CSG Scientific considers the actual first cost of equipment, energy consumption, installation cost and equipment longevity.  Taken together, these may significantly alter the true cost of owning (and replacing) equipment in a long-standing facility.

These are the true financial impacts our products, equipment and services have on your facility.

Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  We welcome your feedback.


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