CSG Scientific, Inc.
CSG Scientific, Inc.


Laboratory and High Containment Experience

Specializing in custom applications and high-containment solutions, CSG Scientific brings an array of experience with both chemical and biological high-containment environments such as Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Production Lines and Agricultural Facilities.

Custom Air Handling Units

When the application and existing conditions seem insurmountable, customized solutions allow for flexibility where none seems possible.  With custom, site-built air handling units from our partners, CSG Scientific allows you to maximize your renovations despite minimal access.

CSG Scientific also offers factory built-options, including high-containment and DX units.  When you need to prioritize speed, performance and flexibility while maintaining a focus on lowest total cost, CSG Scientific offers air handling solutions to suit any process or application. 

Selection Assistance

Rest assured that you can find the right product for the application with expert selection advice from our team.  From high containment solutions to custom fabric air distribution, CSG Scientific offers the products and experience to compliment any design. 

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership


Our mission is to provide world-class equipment & products, through exemplary 
customer service and expert application knowledge, to provide the highest-quality products at the lowest total cost of ownership.

This "lowest total cost of ownership" is the hallmark of our partnership with our clients. 
We look past the sometimes-misleading initial equipment costs and instead focus on the many variables involved with the true cost of your purchase.   

Taken together, the actual first cost of equipment, energy consumption, installation cost and equipment longevity may significantly alter the true cost of owning (and replacing) equipment in a landmark facility.